Oneheart Standing Mountain is the leader of the 'Oneheart Warriors Lodge' and has been walking the Sweet Medicine Sundance path since 1992.

As a trained teacher and ceremonialist at the 'Sweet Medicine Sundance Path' he is authorized to teach the medicine wheels of the first 3 gateways (initiation gates) and to lead the corresponding ceremonies for them. Essential for him is his relationship with nature, because he sees in it the greatest teacher. On the one hand because it is animate and also because it is possible to interact with the spirits of nature through ceremonies and rituals. Through years of studying the medicine wheels, one learns to interpret the signs of nature for oneself. The focus is on growth, unfolding and also change. His motto is: "This path has touched our heart and by constantly growing in it, we are no longer part of the problem, but more often part of the solution."

Interview quotes:
"I can't stubbornly stick to a ritual that was once laid down 100s of years ago. I now have to go back to the essence and find out what we really need. The rest is cultural accessory. And that's the way it is in all shamanic traditions, that on the one hand there is shamanism, which is religion, and on the other hand there is shamanism, which exudes knowledge and wisdom and is actually a spiritual tradition. That's where we just make a distinction: that is religious means related to dogma and holding fast, and spiritual means individually changeable."

"In any case, I could say that I believe in a living universe, where the individual parts of it interact, are interrelated, and that while there is no meaning to life per se for me, unless I make it for myself. But there is such a thing as alignment and that for us is learning. Learning until death."

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