Markus Konecny

From an early age artistic ambitions and thoughts digressing into space. Various entheogenic experiences awakened the interest in occultism, psychonautics and dream interpretation, especially in relation to their prophetic character.

Since then, roving globetrotter, oscillating between agnosticism and pantheism. Obsessed with overcoming dualisms or merging opposing extremes; e.g., art and science. Practicing in several fields of interest: Lyrical-poetic meditations, documentary-experimental photography, text and image hermeneutics, production and construction of semiotic sign systems, diagrammatic (info)graphics and (nature)geometries. Philosophy of science with consideration of language-theoretical and social-ethical implications. On the side, simple bar and service worker by profession, and thus well anchored in the work of gears. Last but not least: Since 2018 proud father of a growing daughter.

His motto: Use knowledge to be a medium, use media to stay knowledgeable. Living life like a one big ritual.

Interview quotes:
"The thing that has influenced me very strongly in my dream work is where I have had my prophetic dream, so to speak. I know that dream work is very important as a magical practice, as well as for self-reflection and self-discovery. But, the fact that there is practically this prophecy in dreams, really touched me at the time!"

"The only rational explanation I can give for it is that there are simply certain causalities in the energetic realm and that the unconscious perceives these causalities. And this causality then manifests itself symbolically in the dreams."

"The magician stands exactly in the middle between matter and spirit for me and between these two extremes he makes a balancing act between these two extremes."

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