Anufa Ellhorn

Wiccan and witch since the 80's (traditionally initiated since 2000) and Shiatsu practitioner since the 90's. High priestess of a coven until 2008 and co-founder of the WurzelWerk association (2001 – 2018).

For her, the Craft is an ideal opportunity to experience spirituality integrated into everyday life. Her magical world view enforces the contact to Gods and entities, who can be integrated into a larger whole. The rise of the awareness of these connections and their consequences is to be seen as the basis for meaningfully practicing the associated craft. The fellowship of the coven potentiates the available energy of the individual. It helps each member to see themselves in the mirror of the others and in this way facilitates personal shadow work as well as learning and working in the Craft. Living and working in the Craft as an individual is just as possible, albeit more difficult because of the lack of adjustment by others as the whole system is based on rites of initiation. At least at the beginning a certain teaching and learning time in a coven is necessary to get the basic tools together. Her motto: basic rule no. 1 is, if work didn't help, then magic is done. Practicing Magic, because people are too lazy to work is a no-go!

Interview quotes:
"Magic is a conscious, purposeful action on a non-material plane that has effects, and I mean - planned, purposeful effects - on the material plane. ... So magic is not when I think something and then something happens."

"... what I do, simply has an effect! And if I have a magical world view, then this has not only an effect on the material level, but it has an effect on every level. And one should be aware of that."

"Every goddess has male elements, every god has female elements. It is only the question which elements people. But in principle it is always a polarity. And this thereby yields the energy that is worked with in this field of tension."

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